About Us

    From Er. Samir Pandhi (CEO)

Springles is very close to my heart. Springles was founded with a clear intention of being the best in the field of Early Childhood Education & Childcare.

The foundation is a direct response to India’s requirement for high quality Preschooling & Childcare facilities.

The best part of Springles is the passion with which, me and my team put in our efforts each day to make it a warm, receptive & advanced learning & care platform for our children.

We know that seeds we plant today in the pure soil of the child's mind will determine the fruits it will bear tomorrow. The qualities that we nurture in the children today will define the kind of people they will be in the future. Hence, Springles has dedicated its heart and soul to build a sound foundation and to shape a successful future for children.

A truly unique quality of Springles is the fact that we do it in a way that is customised to every child's individual personality. We bring out every child's own particular talents, strengths & abilities. We sow the seeds of confidence, leadership, love for learning, the will to face life's challenges and the ability to win.

We believe in setting up high quality infrastructure for our children & always looking to develop in terms of our services & using high end technology to make life more easier for both our children & parents.

We will continue to strive each day to make Springles a global brand.

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