The goodwill of the Springles brand

We aim to develop and nurture the child with a safe and stimulating environment, and provide high quality, integrated Early Education. We believe in blossoming a child's personality by making the most of the formative years in an ideal learning environment.


Standard Operation Procedure (S O P) Manual, manuals for ideal layout specifications, uniform specifications, furniture specifications, stock maintenance manuals, front office manual and academics manuals to be provided.

Curriculum and on going support

Well researched and proven curriculum with latest education concepts and training kit. The curriculum for the program will be provided in printed / ready to print study-material form along with training aids.

A Franchisee Orientation Program (FOP)

A 2-day orientation program for training the Franchises and its key personnel at the Corporate office to help the Franchisee understand the Learning Center procedure as a business and transferring the know how gathered by the Franchisor.

Teachers & Counselors training

Curriculum training to teachers on an ongoing basis along with the specially developed training module for counselors on admission prospecting, operations, finance, sales and marketing

The bi-annual in-house newsletter CHUKLES a multi colour magazine is provided to all members of the Springles family at free of cost. Marketing support

Requisite marketing support to propagate the various programs at Springles through regional platforms. Sales & Marketing collaterals (brochures, leaflets, posters, audio visual aids) as and when developed will be sent as per company policy.

A public relations unit

To run central promotional road shows, workshops, seminars, exhibitions, educational fairs, conferences, and business-idea sharing sessions; will take care of press, publications, television coverage and other media-related issues


All marketing materials, education materials and promotional materials supplied by the company is 100% Quality Checked.

A web based School Management system

The Franchisee will be provided with the software to run the Springles Software program. It is a very user friendly system which requires minimal efforts and aids the franchisee to run the Pre-School program effectively.


Many merchandising products available which helps brand enhancement.

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