Springles is the best pre-School around. It has got all the best brains, the best teachers and staff, the facilities and activities of International standards for a kid to grow mentally, physically and socially.

This is not the best contemporary School, rather this is way ahead of any thought or idea of a Pre-school. Though I have never met Mr. Sameer Pandhi personally but I must say that he is a visionary enthusiast.

We, as parents are truly indebted to the Springles, it’s principal, teachers and the whole staff.

Thank You.

Mr.and Mrs. Badhwar
Parents of
Aradhita Bhaadhwar

“Wonderful Experience”!

The management of Mr. & Mrs. Pandhi is extremely innovative and praiseworthy. The teaching staff is awesome and my special thanks to ‘nannies’ who take very good care of children.

The trips of different places, themes of the months, colour days and celebrations make the School very-very different.

Of course, my special thanks to Mrs. Parminder, his class teacher for her efforts.

“The Best Pre-school.”

Mr. & Mrs. Pabla
Parenst of
Guntas Pabla

First of all I am thankful to the springles for taking care the childhood of my daughter.
I feel very honoured for chosing Spingles as the first school / first exposure to the outer world for my daughter. The school provides the first step to give direction to her childhood and to better understand this world.
The school authorities are providing the opportunities to develop overall personality trails in the child by giving them exposure to extra –curricular activities such as skating, dancing, clay-modeling to besides the educational curriculum.
The Springles staff including teachers, nannies chairman gave personal attention to the all activities of child from her entry up to the child leave the school safely.
I personally feel that my daughter is learning a lot from the school such as vocabulary, new words, colour name, vehicles name, vegetable/fruits name etc.
Over all I am observing a positive change in my daughter from the day one she entered the Springles.

My Best wishes to the Spingles,Always.

Anisha Sagar D/o S.K Sagar & Archanan Sagar

As per my knowledge and experience Springles is the best Pre-School . It is perfect in every sphere may it be education, curriculum, student care, nuture, teaching manners and conduct, infrastructure and above all inculcation of self confidence in kids which will help them throughout their life. Teaching faculty here is very nice, intelligent faculty here is very nice, intelligent and cooperative. Ananya was a bit introvert when she joined but now she talks and interacts with almost other coursework. Stage fear is now nowhere to be seen in her dance and performance. I am be seen in her dance and performance. I have been seen in her dance and performance. I am very happy and satisfied with my decision to enrol my daughter in Springles.

Ananya Gupta
D/o Munish Gupta
Puja Gupta

Awesome! Wonderful! No more words to write. I am very satisfied with the study, activities and the efforts put on my child by Rama mam. I am very thankful to school management and specially Rama mam.

Bhawya Jain
S/o Mr. Neeraj Kumar
Mrs. Preeti Jain

I just loved the school. My experience with this school is very good. Faculty is awesome. Awesome boost in confidence of the baby.

Dipin Goyal
S/o Mr. Amit Goyal
Mrs. Rupali Goyal

We had a “wonderful” experience with “ Springles”.
Springles provided the kind of exposure to our daughter which we are sure would not have been possible anywhere else.
We are sad about the fact that our daughter will now be leaving Springles but she has with her two great years of learning & fun.
We especially thank her class-teacher “Ms. Rama” who stands true to the lines that a teacher is like a lamp that burns itself to give light to others”.
“Keep up the good work Springles !”

Ehteshaam Rana
D/o Ahmed Parvez Rana
Inderdeep Singh Rana

I am glad that we have taken the right decision by admitting our child in Springles. Because after home, its school where the child get acquainted with the outer world. Springles nurtures inner and outer development of the child. Various activities like fields trips, celebration of festivals makes schooling more enjoyable.
My daughter Ekam was only 1 year 9 months old when she joined Springles. The staff members and faculty have taken very good care of her. She is willing to come to school every day.
She is more confident, creative than before. She amazes us with her way of concocting stories and other activities. I am very grateful to Springles especially her teacher.

Ekam Sahota
D/o Rajdeep Sahota
Rashmi Sahota

Springles- I came to know about this school from one of my colleagues whose son was there last three year. When asked she replied, the school is excellent, you should not think twice and get ur son admitted to Springles. So we are there.
My son, a two years & eight months old boy, before going to Springles was very introvert, shy, used to cry whomever he wanted anything , very impatient , always resistant to his daily chores like doing brush, taking bath, changing clothes etc. He was very moody like any other child of age.
Now after attending his school for nearly 4-5 months. I have seen a great change in my boy. He is months I have seen a great change in my boy. He is more disciplined, talks to everybody, greets to everybody has become more energetic, has become more attentive about his surroundings, does his daily diores very ease, has become more confident & knowledgeable and socialise very nicely. This sea change has come because of Springles. School not only offers best teaching aids but also provides a great platform for extracurricular activities like holdup regular platform for extracurricular activities like holdup regular functions, taking out children on tour etc. Three hats to Springles !!!
An excellent School

Gurkaran Singh
S/o Lalpreet Singh
Gurpreet kaur

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